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Explanation of the First Stage Part 2

If one has not diligently trained the Citta of the Sensual Realm, Then the Form Realm Citta cannot arise. Concerning the training of the Sensual Realm Citta, one must first of Why IPhone App Developers Continue To Create Apps For IOS Platform? all thoroughly know it and one must question where the Sensual Realm comes into being.

The Sensual Realm arises dependent on the six sense-doors. The five sense-doors (Panca-Dvara) which include the eye, ear, nose, tongue and body, only receive present objects and cannot receive objects of the past or future. But the Mind-Door (Manodvara) receives objects of the past or present.2

Furthermore, one who is going to practise meditation should know about the “Passive Citta” (Bhavahga-Citta) and the “Active Citta” (Vithi-Citta).3 The Active Citta is that which receives information from the six sense doors. When Football Clothes For Players And Supporters the Citta ceases to Web Site Promotion And Web Page Marketing receive information from the six sense doors, it then becomes the Passive Citta which is present at such times as during deep sleep.

The Sense Doors and the States Using Ice Fishing Electronics Free of Doors

In addition to the above, one Some Dating Websites Components must have an understanding of the “Doors of Sense” (Dvara Sarnmuti) and the “States Free of Doors” (Dvara Vimutti). The “Doors of Sense” , refers to the activity of the six sense doors; whereas “States Free of Doors” , refers to such times as during Dream States, when one Know The Zit Zapper Zeno! sees various

things in a dream. The nature of this state is that of the Ten Rock Solid Ways How To Improve Your Bad Credit And Avoid Bankruptcy, Part One Citta being free of the sense doors. As it is said; the state free of the sense doors arises beyond the scope of the six sense doors and performs the function of “ Descending, Re-linking, and establishing the Passive State (Cuti, Patฺisandhi, Bhavanga), based upon one of

the six types of objects which were received into the sense doors in the past as Kamma forming consciousness of the Sensual Realm (Kamavacara-Javana), and which arises in the “Process close to the time of Death” (Maranฺasanna-vithi).

Starting with the past life, whatever thing is established as the object of the Citta at the time of Re-linking, that same thing becomes established as the object of the Passive State in the present life.

The object which arose in the “Process close to the time of Death” , in the past life, was either a “Present Object”, a “Past-Object”, or a “Concept” (Pannatti). The Buddha called them Kamma, Kamma Nimitta (Symbol of Kamma) and Gati Nimitta (Representation Symbol).

The Citta which receives pleasing and displeasing objects in the five sense-doors is called the Twice-Fivefold-Consciousness (Dvipanca-vinnanฺa),1 making in all, Ten Types of Consciousness. These are associated with the five types of Objects such as Visible-Form (Rupa), and so on for the remaining types of sense objects.

With regard to the Threefold-Mind-Element (Manodhatuttikam),2 it grasps at the five types of object by which it is Matamalxyong conditioned (Arammanฺa-Paccaya). When they arise Do You Sell Wholesale Merchandise? Build A Blog Too! in the Sense-door Process (Dvara-Vithi), each of these five types of consciousness are conditioned by their object. (Thus, Eye Consciousness is conditioned by Sight objects).

1.The types of Resultant -Consciouseness -of-the-Sensual-Realm, (Kamava-cara-Vipaka), thus include :

a) Investigating Consciousness (Santirana) 3 types.

b)The “Great-Resultant” Types (Maha-Vipaka) 8 types.

c)Joyful Mind-Consciousness-Element (Hasituppada) 1 type.

d)Twice Fivefold Sense Consciousness (Dvipancavinnanฺa)10 types.

e)Mind-Element (Manodhatu) 3 types.

Total : 25 types.

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