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The sixty-first chapter legendary skills

Stone Lei now ordinary wooden treasure do not want to open, it is difficult to have a good thing, might as well keep giving away and trading, Shi Lei this time only to prepare the remaining six bronze treasure chest to open a few minutes later, Shi Lei began inventory of six Bronze treasure chest harvest, coin 25 gold and 46 silver, all kinds of equipment 8, props 5, a variety of rare materials 12 copies, skill book 2 the treasure chest to open more, Shi Lei also found a law, what kind of biological burst Of the treasure chest, which is also roughly the kind of things that are detached, or is that the creature itself has 8 things in the equipment there are 6 excellent level, respectively, the Ape battle armor, the fish chest armor, wolf bracelets, Armor arm shield, water-resistant steel thorns, frozen hammer, two pieces of exquisite equipment is a broken steel fork, wolf tooth blade things are very good, but unfortunately one stone are not used, the properties are similar to a few pieces of armor though Can be used, but are heavy thick armor, enhance the properties of equipment is not much, for Shi Lei are over supplies, but also have the characteristics of binding after the equipment, in order to avoid waste, Shi Lei simply too lazy to change Wolf's bracelet - Outstanding rune glove, equipment level 3, weight 2, sturdy 4, durable 60, equipment properties: physical damage +10, power 5, agile 3, equipment skills: the call of the wolf (call the first order of two wolves to help combat, Duration 1 minute, skill reset time 30 minutes) '

Wolf's bracelet This hand is very chic equipment, the property is also a little special, but relatively speaking Shile own claw guard practical only fish human chest armor, armor armor assigned to the whole of Wang, van cleef and arpel necklace replica let him armed Get up and strengthen the defense, fully to do their own tank role; wolf bracelet to Jiro, to further strengthen his attack power, the remaining equipment is to continue on the warehouse five Taoist diamonds 1, 2 Zhang, Zhu fruit 1, 1 pearl; water repellent is the newly acquired spell, the effect is that you can freely survive in the water for 10 minutes, pearl is also a mosaic of materials, currently do not have access to the more unusual is that Zhu Ju fruit The Zhu fruit: Rare class Ling Yao, a rare Lingji, set the essence of heaven and earth, nurtured in the nature of birth, can alchemy, can be medicine, can be cooked. Direct consumption: the value of life increased by 20 points, endurance 5, spirit +5 (Endurance over 40:00 after taking invalid) see the back of the restrictions, Shi Lei knew that this drug and he missed, and finally to Wang Quan to take to further strengthen him The skills of the tank four books are: 'stone skin', 'Royal water surgery', 'cure', 'mirror surgery', after looking for a while, Shi Lei decided to give up learning, these skills and his fortified way Different, learning is also accounted for skills bar, it is better to keep the exchange of goods after the deal with the chores, calm down, Shi Lei suddenly thought of not have a good look at the new legendary medal just a star of the legendary medal, the first attribute Is to absorb all the primary injury spells ... ... cattle do not Niubi Shi Lei himself do not know, anyway, many of his own skills are still stuck in the primary, but it is certain that, with it, no longer afraid of lower-level law strange siege, Set fire to enhance the skills at the beginning Shi Lei do not understand what it meant, after several experiments before gradually get to know; is to temporarily increase the level of property skills, improve current technology Can effect Currently Shi Lei has five attribute skills, namely 'Rejuvenation', 'Savage Assault', 'Mirror avatar', 'Summon water element', 'exploration technique', including 'Savage Charge' and 'exploration technique' is not Upgrade skills, it can not specify the remaining three skills, Shi Lei first tried to specify the 'rejuvenation', and then changed from primary skills to intermediate skills, the effect will be restored from the previous 93 life-value, Upgrade to once you can restore 125 points, the increase has been great, almost as fast as 30%, the most important thing is that after the upgrade of the skills to predict the performance, easy to use, try to know 'mirror avatar 'Skills are designated, but also temporarily rose to the intermediate level from scratch, but the copy of the ontology properties rose from the previous 50% to 80%, the other nothing special to enhance the most change after the upgrade when the number of' call water element ' Skill, the primary call can only exist at the same time, and to the middle of the time there can be two water elements at the same time, is simply exponentially enhance the final, knock off van cleef and arpel clover necklace Shi Lei to determine the legendary medal of this function, designated 'Summon water element' skills, so that the call of temporary skills temporarily increased to the intermediate level, the water element can be summoned from one to two ShiLei think legendary strongest place, or bring their own three skills; only These three super-built-in skills, in order to be worthy of the attributes of legendary equipment. When Shi Lei tried to send the tag to summon the battle space, it unexpectedly failed to see the situation where it could not be sent over. For this As a result, Shi Lei not only feels uncomfortable, but feels relieved that he can not be sent in. That means other people can not be sent in. It seems that the safety of this space is still very high. The stability of the rear base can be more important than a skill Medal comes with the first skill 'space-time transmission,' the promotion of combat power is not large, it is not the skill that can be used in the war; its greatest usefulness is actually in the strategic, with it, you can It's a surprise that when the enemy thinks he has left, the next second he knock off van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra suddenly emerges.

Medal comes second skill 'flashes of time and space' is the real battlefield killer Now his perception is 50 points, you can feel the threat and danger of the distance is also about this value, you can lock the distance is double the value , Almost 100 meters; and spiritual exploration distance is perceived value of about three times, there is about 150 meters need to be confirmed, is the instantaneous distance of movement; this in the perception range, refers to the risk of pre-50 meters , Or the perception of lock 100 meters, or the farthest exploration distance of 150 meters to send the farther away, the more valuable the skills because of the accumulation of a limited number of emptiness, in order to save energy, Shi Lei first test is the most Long distance

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