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24-year-old beauty stolen 200,000 yuan gold foil exposed stolen goods police car map

Original title: 24-year-old beauty stolen 200,000 yuan gold foil exposed stolen goods possession of police car at the end (Figure)

3, 12: 49, Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Jianggan Branch official microblogging 'Pingganjianggan' issued a message: 'Jianggan Public Security 5-hour break gold theft, stolen goods all recovered! Today 7:30, then Xintang Road Tesco Supermarket 1 floor, a jewelry report, said the store more than two pieces of safe large pieces of gold stolen by the police investigation, the suspects identified: Zhu, born in 1992, Shangrao, Jiangxi, with a forged ID card, 'Shen Xin' van cleef & arpels wedding ring knock off After the appointment of the waiter, the use of his position to steal.Through intense follow-up tracking, the suspects have been captured, stolen goods have been recovered, the trial is a breakthrough!

1 pm, Jianggan police verified the news, the police also quickly released a more comprehensive and detailed information:

At 7:30 on the April 3, Xintang Road Tesco supermarket on the first floor of a jewelry store reported that: the store more than one large piece of gold stolen, involving more than 20 million yuan. To arrest suspects, to maximize the economic recovery Jianggan police to give up the Qingming small holiday of their bereavement, shed the sky network, non-stop pursuit and recovery of stolen goods 'After careful investigation, Jianggan police quickly lock suspects identity information: Zhu, 1992, Shangrao Jiangxi, before She used forged ID card 'Shen Xin' shop clerk. Through vigorous follow-up, at 11:50 on April 3, Jianggan police arrested Dongjianyuan in one fell swoop and chased all stolen goods (gold ornaments worth about 200,000 yuan). The suspect Zhu had in October 2014 in Dingqiao Wumart jewelry shop using the same means of committing the crime, involving more than 10 million yuan. At present, the case is under further investigation. '

At 3 pm, we arrived at Xintang Road, Qingchun East Road, Tesco supermarket Qingchun shop. Stolen jewelers in the supermarket on the first floor of the north side of the storefront is open, it is located in the hall, an area of ​​less than 20 square meters. You can see the main counter selling gold, half empty. Several restaurant staff nearby told us that at noon when the salesperson on duty at the jewelry store has gone to the police station with the investigation of the jewelry store stolen five or six meters away from the ground floor hall there is another considerable volume of jewelry shop . Although the two stores vaguely competitive, but are here for many years, the salesperson of the two are good relations with each other, the stolen store in the 'guard against theft,' Zhu, on the opposite side of the jewelry store on duty Xu Sister Clearly 'she was on March 29 to internship, she came to me and she said to me, the company recruited a new intern, she took a few days and then go.' Xu sister said Zhu Master, a 40-year-old eldest sister, has also been working here for nearly 10 years. Recently, he was preparing to change jobs and was in a hurry to go. But that big sister is also a very responsible person, Zhu lunch on the 29th after a shop, sister immediately taught her some of the basic business store. 'We both work and rest, the process is exactly the same, the 7 o'clock in the morning to go to post, 10 o'clock in the evening, the store counter keys, safe keys are kept by the salesperson on duty the same day, when the counter required to lock the gold safe.'

Xu Sister said that when the store was adequately staffed in the early years, the clerks had a strict mutual supervision system that stipulated that there must be two clerks present at the same time when putting things in the safe. However, in recent years, manpower has become less than adequate and slowly Slow, the provisions of the presence of the two is no longer strictly required. However, although the keys are all kept by the clerk on duty, but for so many years there has never been a case of guarding the stolen pirates. 'The main girl is gentle and virtuous. You absolutely can not imagine that she would steal the stuff!' We also See the police released a photo of the suspect, Zhu Moushu eyesight, with a long hair, dress up is indeed a gentle image. 'On the first day of her 29th, Master taught her which key box to use for her safe deposit box. The procedure she went to work everyday told her that she still learned her earnestly, but by the next day and the third day she Master kindheartedly taught her something on the counter how to look good, how to chat with customers, these things she has no interest at all, a face cold, as if you do not bother her, she looked at her like this , Too lazy to van cleef and arpels perlee ring price knock off care for her, 31 left himself.

These days to work, Xu sister of this 'learning attitude is not good,' the intern is also aware of the increase, I saw her every day after work is staring at the counter after a day, neither try to talk to customers, nor 'I had thought that she may be worried about children at home. When she first came we talked to her and asked her about her family situation. She said her hometown was in Shangrao, and now she is with her husband. Hangzhou, her husband seems to be working in the Riverside, the couple has two children, a large 5-year-old, small only 100 days, the elderly help children with .100-day children at home, for me and I am absent-minded, So these days I still feel that she is quite pathetic and can not think of her thinking about stealing things ... In the end, she van cleef perlee ring replica knock off had a few days before her intern with Master. Yesterday it was actually her first day of independent duty, Hesitated. '

Xu Sister said, 'I found the stolen gold is their duty shop today, but also a 40-year-old woman with her new girl is staggered on duty, one day, ah do not recognize In the morning, when you came to see the safe key stuck in the door, the rough necklace and bracelet disappeared and the alarm was quickly scared.

Xu Sister said that after the police arrived, the suspect was locked in the night before Zhu class (of course, when we all thought she was called 'Shen Xin'), but for a time has not yet determined the whereabouts of Zhu. What is very surprising is that about 10 o'clock this morning, the alarm clerk suddenly received a micro-channel message sent by Zhu. 'She (the police clerk) showed me the cell phone, and the woman said she had put it back and placed it under the police car next to the police room, asking her to pick it up and say it would not She owed nothing in the store.And she estimated she also knew that the shop had called the police and the police looked for her all around.He thought he could not do anything.And then they went looking for it and they recovered the stolen goods under the car.

This police room we also found on the scene, Tesco supermarket in the southwest corner, but the police parked here in the morning have been evacuated Obviously, although Zhu smuggled back the stolen goods, but can not escape the legal punishment . After Jianggan police still tracked her Sanliiting station, she was ready to go to the station and escape from Hangzhou.

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