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DNF fake pig Shura volcano Raiders Detailed explanation

DNF fake pigskin Shura Volcano Raiders Detailed explanation, DNF90 version although updated a lot of powerful SS equipment, but the 'fake pigs in the world first' this stem is van cleef arpels ring copy still strong, the reason is what? The reason is that the fake pigs can play well on the volcano, playing bad is equivalent to white, with the following take you to see DNF90 version of fake pig Shura volcano Raiders!

Fake pigs the best in the world This stem has been for some time in the past, I Shura is also done a set of fake pigs after starting to fight group, began to mix, and slowly turned to the Arakus and Agnes, and just recently upgraded The yellow bracelet, from a naval gun to blind monotonous tremor vice C, and then double pressure Tremor C, and then Qingtian C, and finally to the current volcano C, along the way, looking at my number slowly Development, my heart is also very happy, the next wave of injuries on the map below is the first day copy van cleef wedding ring price of the green matrix array, do not dress up, do not take medicine,

A complete upgrade of the 1E damage, so for those who have not yet fully formed fake swine Shura, the monkey play wave is necessary, for example, when playing tremor, if there is a strong teammates like Soul Calibur , You can play a good monkey in advance, into the right after ran back to the green name of the mobs can not move, almost a motionless OK. (Note: the monkey show position: into the map into the earth 9, into the map after the collection of 7 India, and then turn off the engraving, put on the void 9, and so on after the CD into the good figure, went to blame the release of motionless, In the moment of release by pressing a key dressup, put on your output equipment, and then ... ... strange to die !! Manual funny) Remember, for a good void 9, you can not put any engraving Skills Finally, the last wave of monkey damage, daily 3 drugs, pet skills. . . For the SS ho, this damage may not be high, but for us civilians and even the poor players, this group is completely enough to play injury, pigskin for the civilian game player is really a welfare, van cleef and arpels between the finger ring copy I sincerely hope you Pogo players can persevere, but eventually change the SS or SS set for the case, after all, is now 90 version, and hope that everyone in the new year to play a group gold medal, abyss SS complete, no longer have a fourth-class magic Curse, thank you!

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