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Choi Siu Wan Liu Wen own pocket to send Hao Li Liu Wen was Renren suspicion of impure motives

Choi Siwon and Liu Wen, one is a handsome idol idol, one is a fancy international supermodel, the two in the variety show 'we love it,' the new national CP 'pomegranate couple' since the exposure has been ultra-high attention. Recently, there are users statistics two gifts in the program each list, in just a short time, the value has more than ten million, light Liu Wen gave Cui Siyuan a couple bracelets on the 50,000, there Cui origin to Liu Wen's Skirts and more. Cuiuba told you to send a gift to a girlfriend this thing is not time-sharing, occasions, reasons: 'I think the right to buy ah.' In this regard, netizens lamented, 'White Fumei Gao Fu handsome love really Is full of all kinds of extravagant happiness. 'More netizens ridicule:' In fact, they both shot 'we give it a gift!' '

Netizens worried that the two people to participate in the program notice fee because the gift 'defeat', so some viewers doubt that the gift will not be the program group prepared 'props'? In response, the show clarified through the reports, the gifts are all sent to prepare for the stars themselves, bought out of their own pocket when the two had just met, Cui Siyuan source in the SJ members will burst Cui Siyuan rich in home, and asked van cleef and arpels lotus ring copy Liu Wenxi do not like Rich men, is not because Choi Siu Yuen money will like him Choi Seng source to become SJ members and enter the entertainment circle is purely coincidental, in 2002, Choi Siyuan to find friends while waiting for SM Star Scout excavation, and then formally marched Showbiz. However, among all the members, he is not the only one who lives in the corporate dormitory, but even the SM can not treat him harshly because of the strong background of Choi Siu Yuen. His father is a well-known Korean supermarkets, trading companies, children's products business representatives, the mother is a high-profile diplomat Korea MBC television variety show 'Broadcasting Star', has always loved Mengliao Super Junior members on the day Cui Siyuan , Said Cui Siyuan should be the 'first expensive son' in Asian idol. Littell also said Choi Siu Yuen's financial resources to buy MBC television is no problem, triggering the audience Comedy as an old classmate, Feng Peng, Wang Yang hold the weight of all 'black history,' is simply not soft hand. When we play together, 'Truth or Dare,' when hard and prospective friends who set out a lot of the two hearts. In addition to Feng Peng, Wang Yang, Zeng Yong also came to the office of any weight. Wang Yang started a swimmer and a heavy joke, saying that when acting at that time, Renzhong once had a feeling when he was filming Zeng Yong, and Zeng Yong 故 also deliberately makes things difficult for both: it's all about the past , But in the end to clarify that the two really did not feel For any weight and had swimming Yong 'scandal', Ruby Lin is very trustful, said: the weight will not be so blind, no one will bring the former girlfriend to the current girlfriend Introduction Lin Xinru high school is the school's famous school, Lin Hsinju beauty so that she is very popular with boys, often receive love letters, only 10 minutes van cleef ring replica copy between classes can sometimes receive a dozen letters of love! She even love letters Stick to the bulletin board, embarrassed boys like him. In 'We Love It' program, Ruby Lin chatting about the memory of school, take the initiative to talk about their own history was chased Pa was learned, when a lot of boys write love letters to her claiming to have talked about the love of several stages, Experienced Xu Lu quickly become well received by friends CP, Qiao Renliang, but also to his girlfriend Xu Lu Jurisprudence of three chapters, requiring them to replace the screensaver, and use their own kiss as a cell phone ringtones, and even distinguish wet kiss, dry kiss, kiss. So no love experience Xu Lu shy, finally even Joe Ren Liang himself said that van ring copy this approach is very perverted.

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