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Most Helpful User Giveraway

The vouchers will cover the cost of the item + shipping up to their max value.

To enter this giveaway make a post with a link to the item you would like to win (select from here) and also post how you work to help the community! The winner will be selected based on if they are actually helpful. The prize will be shipping directly from PKZ so no need to pay shipping!

Post the reason why you should win, and which item you would like.

Only post in this thread to enter the drawing.

If you win and do not post a review of the item you recieve a ban from participating in future raffles.

If your post does not show up do not fret, I can still see it and I will approve it when I get the chance. Automoderator is a little trigger happy. Please don message modmail or me directly about this. This giveaway is based off of the hard work and effort many others have put into their guides and 1:1 lists, and if you choose to make light of them by posting on a giveaway asking to win just because you feel you deserve it, then so be it. Shame on whoever else asks to win this giveaway because they "upvote the important posts" or some dumb shit like that. I want to see actual reviews, guides, and or helpful comments for the rest of these submissions. Many thanks to these two community members for all of their hard work! u/s3venteen38 and u/mattcary , forsure not the only big helpers in this community, but the only ones I can remember at 4 am :P

ThePezster inactive because of exams rn [score hidden] 3 months ago

well I know i not gonna win this with mattcarty and seventeen in this but hey it worth a shot fake cheap cartier bracelet any way. I try to be as helpful as I can on this sub in my free time whether it be making lists of items, helping out with QC helping people find items or just being an ironic dumbass but yeah that about it for me good luck to everyone else cartier white gold bracelet and thanks perfect kickz for hosting this TheGuyBehindAnything [score hidden] 3 months ago

Well, Ty PerfectKickz for this giveaway tho.

So i would like to win the swing lauren Black Luxury bag. To whom? So i couldnt afford getting any Dope Bags to My dear Mom so the least i could do is to win this and get her this bag. Ive been constantly lurking on here and on Repsneakers and ive always responded to any W2C, LC QC threads by Also giving some advice to different sellers. That may not be as much as u/s3venteen38 but i could atleast try ^Mackaii is off the shelf [score hidden] 3 months ago

I like to think I done quite a bit for this sub so I might as well enter! I helped with u/s3venteen38 1:1 list and I made my own list, I also working on another list and a guide that will hopefully be out soon. Also I currently writing a review for pk Cartier bracelets I bought which will be up in a few days :). Also At one point I was getting a bunch of pms asking for help and I did my best to help with anything they asked. I also try to help with W2Cs as often as I can and try to refrain from saying "search bar". It be awesome if I could fake cartier love bracelet cheap win because I don think I ever won anything in my 15 years of life lol. If i did win I love to get this hoodie to make a review on.

Thanks for this and best of luck to everybody who enters replica cartier love bangle gold :)

Edit: sorry for all the times used the word "Also" :P

I would love to get the SLP camo jacket. I have been active on this subreddit for over 2 years now and have contributed a lot. I have reviewed a lot of big hauls such as the Haulception series I have been doing recently (5th one coming soon ;) ). In fact, I have made the largest review / biggest haul on the entire subreddit. I always answer peoples questions and love to help new subscribers out. I also proxied several items for users located near me. I have done my best to always review products, sellers and services and never talked bs.

I am a loyal subscriber who is always out helping other users with their replica issues! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

Cvideek [score hidden] 3 months agoI am contributing to the fashion reps page as I post helpful comments, never negative. I help LC products and point out obvious flaws of reps people ask about to warn others. We all here for one reason! I am buying reps as we speak (list of over 10 supposedly 1:1) from other users 1:1 lists to review in depth. Posting an "H for Hype" taobao reseller review tonight. Thanks!
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