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Forget who said one thing, life now, too fast, like fast food, like McDonald's. In fact, just a broadcast, but it touched my heart. Only sometimes I still miss those old ways. Today, a postcard inspiration. I and Kimoto moved and wrote one another to each other, although I knew I would have received this postcard that I had known for a long time, but when I received it today, it felt as if the wave came and drowned me Since written on the eve of the Tanabata, we must say love. Do you remember when you last wrote your love letter? I remember the last time I was five years ago, a boring geography class, wrote to the southern love letter. But at that time I also have to give up mailing, but to date him before the appointment. Later, two more and more intimate, van cleef and arpels necklace clover copy romantic like an onion, but perhaps more and more close to the essence of stripping thinner. Instant, quick, immediate. But many surprises are gone. We all look forward to slowly becoming lazy. This may prove the intimacy of two people, but we all have to admit that we also miss the excitement, entanglement and excitement we had when we were together. I wrote two love letters, one for myself and the other for Jiangnan. I will not paste Jiangnan version, in case he accidentally saw, I would not exposed. Paste the version I wrote for myself, maybe you wonder why you have to write it yourself. But you try to do it again, maybe you understand that we have known for 23 years. In these 23 years, we stay with each other and depend on each other for growth. Others always say that you have different maturity with their peers, in fact, I know you are naive. You always believe every one, every sweet talk. It is always good to believe that we have not been harmed, and we still have expectations of everything in the world. I know you have a vision of the future have a dream, you are also running in that direction, but sometimes you will not run tired forget to stop and rest? There are many more scenery on the road to your appreciation. I want you to stop and go throughout this life. As my parents say, as long as we live happily, they will be content. We are fortunate to have enlightened parents, genuine friends, and men who love you. I think although we are not rich and powerful life, really fortunate in the world, because looked up, the sky so blue we live hard life, enjoy every second of life happy, forget those annoying sadness, let They all go 2 the hell! Refueling MIA, the future will be even better, from your dream never never, dazzling but unobtrusive printing dress, one immediately set out the sweet atmosphere of love, the focus is light and thin through the material inadvertently Bring little temptation. Braided material flat top hat and handbag, add a sense of cool at the same time, make you look more affinity! If you want to be able to show you a little bit of the perfect line, then add a bag with the same color belt. This looks like a good girl's dress, but also hides the little sexy mystery, allowing you to distribute between the girl and woman's unique charm!

Want to make you that mature and steady boyfriend tempted, simple and understated but can show a good body and elegance of the dress is a positive solution! Creamy suede dress, will make you look more slender charming, upper body fit vest shape, just the right degree of dew, not aggressive but full of feminine, without the need for additional decoration, a necklace Light up the whole body is enough, woven shoulder bag lightweight and practical, with a long skirt to create a natural fresh taste! Dating with you like this will make him feel more comfortable If he is very delicate and sensitive exquisite man, then your dress should look more

If your warm and cheerful, energetic, then you can not hold too lady, that will only make him knock off van cleef flower necklace feel that van arpels and cleef necklace copy you are hard to get close. Clean and comfortable, comfortable and comfortable dress is his favorite, vest + shorts with the sound may seem good, but he does not want to be a man-in-law, so the following series to show you the real heart of the machine: small perspective effect The vest will definitely be more heterosexual than the average vest attraction, in addition to abstract printing to show your fashion personality. Shorts must be short enough, torn edges are more sexy than the curling style, after all, many men on the legs are non-resistant. Finally, we add some sweet factors, not a lot of local gadgets such as bracelets, earrings can be. Not only the performance of your feminine side, but also to eliminate his sense of distance with you oh!

Say that the most otaku cute and sexy Moe woman, if your boyfriend is also Otaku one, then you may wish in this special day, abandon the conservative style of the past, give him a dose of sexy seasoning! Do not think boyfriend blouse has nothing to do with the sexy, the key is how do you wear. Seemingly peaceful you no difference with the match, wonderful wonderful casual dress with the knot and the second button untied, to create a casual cute boyfriend grab clothes sexy atmosphere. Enjoy your long-standing romance.

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