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White Ernst \u0026 Young's wife asks the merchant for a bracelet of high price

The original secretary of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Bai Enpei's wife inspired his business people to buy their own worth 15 million bracelets; Hebei Provincial Party Secretary Zhou Benshun live in the provincial military compound 800 square meters of small building, a nanny specifically responsible for pet ... ...

Last night, the eight-episode TV feature film 'Always on the Road' jointly produced by the Propaganda Department of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and CCTV started broadcasting on CCTV Integrated Channel. The above details are from the feature set of the first episode of 'people back knock off van cleef arpels clover necklace to heart.' It is understood that the large feature film 'Forever on the Road' lists a number of leading cadres typical cases of discipline violations, Bai Enpei, Zhou Benshun and other parties appeared in the case, revealed a lot of corruption details. Bai Enpei, aged 70, served as secretary of the Qinghai provincial party committee, Yunnan provincial party committee and deputy director of the NPC Environmental and Resources Commission. Recently, Bai Enpei became the amendment to the criminal law. (9) In the 'Always on the Road' broadcast by the first ministry officials who applied life imprisonment after their van cleef arpels clover necklace replica implementation last night, Bai Enpei said: 'After 2005, I was 60 and I was born A serious illness, this time thinking broke down, on the pursuit of material money 'After serving as Yunnan provincial party committee secretary, Bai Enpei in dealing with businessmen in the process of seeing them live in luxury cars, luxury cars and even buy a private plane, resulting in psychological unbalanced. Once the greed expansion and spread, the hands and have the power, the consequences can be imagined According to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection disciplinary supervision staff Zhou Tao introduction, when the Yunnan circulating a word, something to find 'sister' in Yunnan without 'sister 'Can not do it. 'Zhang Jie' is Bai Enpei's wife Zhang Huiqing Zhang Huijin like to play cards, a business owner to find her relationship to meet the white often accompany the playing cards, after closer relations, he got a land development and consolidation project in Kunming. Once, Zhang Huiqing said she took a fancy bracelet, 'She told me about 10 million, you go pay for it. I said good, then buy, 15 million bought a bracelet', the person involved Zhou Hong account According to reports, Zhang Huiqing loves jade and jade, Bai Enpei like mahogany and tea, so many bribe people are casting their best, picking valuable treasures to give them. In the handling of cases, the seizure of possession from the White House to allow more investigators shocked the Central Disciplinary Inspection Commission investigators introduced, clean up these things, spent a dozen days time. 'Like this jadeite bracelet, it is all tied up with a string and tied up in a string of bracelets.'

In the face of the lens, Bai Enpei van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra replica said: 'I am totally confused, I lost my head, and I myself have ten to ten thousand dollars a year, and I am a lover she is the leader of the state-owned enterprises. , Broke through the bottom line of life, even the red line of the law also touched. 'To the boss' borrow 'tens of millions of money

Zhou Benshun, former secretary of Hebei Provincial Party Committee, was the first provincial party committee secretary under investigation after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. According to the Supreme People's Procuratorate on suspicion of accepting bribes for investigation and take compulsory measures According to the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Gu Gu introduced Zhou, Zhou is keen to accept various types of banquet activities. In response, Zhou Benshun said: 'I only saw the colorful inside, did not see the swords inside.

Zhou Benshun once proposed in Hebei cadres to 'four clear': 'their own clear, family members clear, relatives clear, around Qing.' However, a considerable part of Zhou's alleged economic crime was related to the business run by his son. 'I came out to help him stand up and eat together, and I said nothing and people knew that person was above Someone, this matter will work. 'Zhou said in this way, Zhou Benshun many times for these bosses in land planning, approval and other aspects of matchmaking, to provide help. Zhou Benshun also to the 'borrow money' in the name of asking some employers huge sums of money to his son voted in business. Among them, he borrowed from a Hunan boss 'borrowed' more than 10 million. Of course, none of these money has also seriously violated a number of the party's disciplines

In addition to suspicion of economic crimes, Zhou Benshun also seriously violated a number of disciplines of the party. A two-story small building in the military compound in Hebei Province was originally a guest house with a total of 16 rooms and more than 800 square meters. Zhou Benshun was transferred to Hebei, did not stay in accordance with the provisions of the provincial housing turnover room, but fancy this small building, to go after the renovation for the Central Discipline Inspection Commission discipline inspection room staff Wang Han introduction, this building is not only an area Violations, many details inside it are hard to imagine living inside in addition to weeks away, there are his secretary, driver, two nannies, two chefs. One of the nanny is responsible for his pets, two chefs are also selected from Hunan chef, specifically to take care of his taste specially arranged. The salaries of these nannies and chefs have hit millions of dollars in the past two years. Zhou Benshun was transferred to Hebei in March 2013. The Central Government has already started to strictly observe the 'Eight Rules,' but Zhou Benshun repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction in public. Staff introduction: 'He even talked about with the members of his team, saying that now the Central Government grasps the eight provisions, grasping too thin and too strict, there is no need. Wine or drink to drink, what to drink wine is not good, drink There's more atmosphere in the wine. '

Speaking at a number of meetings, Zhou Benshun also released anti-corruption work to be put aside, a slow speech, and even direct intervention in the work week of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. He also remembered the blessings of spirits and goddesses, and placed Buddhist altars in many residences , Every first, fifteen and related Buddhist festivals, are on time at home incense and worship Buddha. When he saw the Buddha, he worshiped the temple and stuffed the money into the temple. Even after the death of a tortoise kept in his home, he handwritten a scripture specifically for the purpose of handing it together with the tortoise.

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